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6A/387 - Compass Corrector/Deviation Card holder

6A/387 - Compass Corrector/Deviation Card holder


6A/387 - Compass card corrector holder

Available in black only

Please advise as to which you require. (RAF Form 316 not included but available to buy seperately)
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RAF Form 316 - Compass Corrector/Deviation Card

RAF Form 316 - Compass Corrector/Deviation Card


RAF Form 316.

In an unused (1936 dated) compass corrector form.

Holder not included however is available to buy seperately.
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5CW/726 - Switch Dimmer

5CW/726 - Switch Dimmer


5CW/726 - Switch Dimmer
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6A/269-B - Rubber watch holder

6A/269-B - Rubber watch holder


6A/269-W Rubber watch holder.

This is a later, black version of the inter-war white holder. It was used mainly on bombers to hold a stop watch as pictured, and post war in a number of applications including knee-boards for test pilots.

Note: the stop watch is not included.
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5CY/2696 - Spring Small

5CY/2696 - Spring Small


5CY/2696 - Spring Small, Ex mod Military electrical spares and aircraft Spare parts

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New Products

5CX - 4072 Ring, Mounting

5CX - 4072 Ring, Mounting

5CX/560 - Glass Clear

5CX/560 - Glass Clear


5CX/560 - Glass Clear. The picture shows the glass 5CX/560 assembled to Lamp Base 5CX/559 (also available but sold as a separate item).
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5U/2712 Rotary voltage booster Type 1 12 Volt

5U/2712 Rotary voltage booster Type 1 12 Volt


Rotary Voltage Booster Type 1
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Air Speed Indicator - Civilian Type

Air Speed Indicator - Civilian Type


1 only in stock.
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6A/3451 - Accelerometer

6A/3451 - Accelerometer


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5CW/4516 - Switch, cut-out for propeller feathering

5CW/4516 - Switch, cut-out for propeller feathering


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Aircraft Manuals, Books and Ephemera

Online Catalogue |  Aircraft Manuals, Books and Ephemera

Establishments BARBET General Catalogue, 1925

Establishments BARBET General Catalogue, 1925.
Manufacturer of chemical production equipment.
No front card cover.

Refractory Service With Particular Reference To Boiler Furnaces, 1933

Refractory Service With Particular Reference To Boiler Furnaces, 1933.
By John Walker.

Braby of Britain Catalogue, c.1960

Braby of Britain Catalogue, c. 1960.
For manufacturers of metal structures and parts - structural architectural items.

Martonair Control Valves Catalogue, 1957

Martonair Control Valves Catalogue, 1957.
Section B. Missing rear cover but with extra inserts and letter from Martonair's Technical Department.

RF-84F Flight Range Guide Cards

Republic F-84F Thunderstreak.
One set of 40 unused Flight Reference Cards in original packet, dated 5 Feb 54. Each card is 7" x 4.25" and made of rigid white plastic.

A Trifle in the Sky - OUT OF STOCK

'A Trifle in the Sky' by Douglas (Easton) Gilbert. Published by Flibinite Publications.
This is a fabulous post-WWII autobiography about a pilot's (Douglas Easton Gilbert) personal life after the war, taking him from rags to riches and back again.
This is a unique autobiography, as not many 'regular' pilots' post-war lives were documented.

Accleration Simms Development in this Age of Progress

Acceleration 'Simms Development in this Age of Progress'
'The Simms Story from 1891-1964' written by Bryan Morgan, published by Newman Neame Limited.
Including material from an earlier study by St John C Nixon (The Simms Story) focussing on events up to 1953.
Effectively this story is about from when the Simms Motor and Electronics Corporation Ltd was developed to when it's diversification where the product range of the Simms Group became part of the household.

Aerodrome Plans

Aerodrome Plans

Aircraft of the South African Air Force

'Aircraft of the South African Air Force' is a very creative book with photos by Herman Potgieter and editorial by Willem Steenkamp.
This stunning full colour glossy book compiled by leading South African born photographer Herman Potgieter is an exhilarating selection of 150 photographs of the aircraft of the South African Air Force in action - the way pilots see them!
This particular item of memorabilia would be a wonderful addition to any military aircraft collectors coffee table.

Aircraft Recognition Vol. II No. 11 July 1944

'Aircraft Recognition Vol. II No. 11' The Inter-Services Journal.

Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 2, October 1944

'Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 2, October 1944, part of 'The Inter-Services Journal'

Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 3 November 1944

'Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 3 November 1944' is part of 'The Inter-Services Journal'.

Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 5 January 1945

;Aircraft Recognition Vol. II No. 5 January 1945' is part of 'The Inter-Services Journal'.

Aircraft Recognition Vol. II No. 7 March 1945

'Aircraft Recognition Vol. II No. 7 March 1945' if part of 'The Inter-Services Journal'.

Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 8 April 1945

'Aircraft Recognition Vol. III No. 8 April 1945' is part of 'The Inter-Services Journal'.

All the Worlds Airships

First Annual Issue of 'All the World's Airships (Aeroplanes & Dirigibles) by Fred T Jane.
This is a Fl;ying Annual founded by Fred T Jane author of 'Fighting Ships' etc
With a Special Chapter on 'Aerial Engineering' , by Charlees de Grave Sells, M. Inst., C.E.
Published by Sampson low, Marston & Co Ltd 1909
Introduction by John W R Taylor, September 1986

American Rocket Society magazine - Rocket  Vol 22 1952

3 issues only of this very rare magazine, May-June No. 3, July-August issue 4 and November December Issue 6.

In fair condition, slight fading, rusty staples, tight bindings, no pages seem to be missing.

American Rocket Society magazine Jet Propulsion Vol 25 1955

13 issues of this very rare magazine, now every month except for September which has two parts. Volume 25. A full year.

In fair condition, slight fading, rusty staples, tight bindings, no pages seem to be missing.

Blackburn and General Aircraft Limited

Brochure style book about Blackburn and General Aircraft.
30 pages of specs, photographs and details of Blackburn and General aircraft ijnlcuding freighters, anti-submarines and others.
Good condition with some signs of wear and tear.

Bomber Command Continues

'Bomber Command Continues' The Air Ministry Account of the Rising Offensive Against Germany July 1941 - June 1942.
Issued for the Air Ministry by the Ministry of Information.
Published by London: His Majesty's Stationery Office.
'Bomber Command Continues' is the Air Minisry account of a growing assault at the heart of the enemy. Beginning June 1941, it tells of the men and their aircraft, daylight sorties and night operations. It ends with the 1000-bomber raids on Cologne and the Ruhr.

Bristol Fashion

'Bristol Fashion - Some Account of the Earlier Days of Bristol Aviation' by John Pudney and drawings by David Gentleman. Copyright 1960
Published by Putnam, 42 Great Russell Street, London
Foreward by, Sir W. R. Verdon Smith, Chairman, The Bristol Aeroplane Company Limited, written at Filton House, Bristol, February 1960
This is a brief story of the first 50 years about Bristol Aeroplane Company Limited and it's achievements.
A fascinating read for anyone interested in the history of aviation and the role of Bristol engines.

Britain's Wonderful Aircraft

'Britain's Wonderful Aircraft' edited by Air Commodore P.F.M. Fellowes DSO, with a Foreward by Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal, KCB, DSO, MC
Published by Odhams Press Limited, Long Acre, London WC2.

BSA Co Ltd and Daimler Co Ltd - Muniitons of War - ON HOLD

The B.S.A. Co Ltd and Daimler Co Ltd, Birmingham and Coventry, (nd). Quarto. Colour frontispiece, 222pp., with colour and sepia tone plates (some folding). An historical record of those companies who contributed to the arms and vehicles used during the war. The B.S. A. and Daimler companies which today are known for their motorcycles and cars illustrate the guns (Lewis and SMLE rifle), ammuniation, magazines and the motorcycles used during the war and how they were manufactured. This book has been expertly restored by an antiquarian book repair company and is now tightly bound. The covers are worn and discoloured, and the spine has been replaced with blocked title exactly the sames as the original. Price £365 (no VAT as books are zero rated). An extremely rare book with very detailed description.

Car Tester

Black and white diagram leaflet 'presented with the April 1959 issue of Car Mechanics'

Combat Legend AVRO Lancaster

'Combat Legend AVRO Lancaster' by Harry Holmes and published by Airlife Books.
This is a perfect introduction for the general reader, enthusiast and modeller alike wishing to find a succinct yet detailed introduction to the design and history of the aircraft that have made history.

Escape to Freedom, An Airman's Tale of Capture, Escape and Evasion

'Escape to Freedom, An Airman's Tale of Capture, Escape and Evasion' by Tony Johnson, published by Pen & Sword Aviation. Originally published in 2002 and reprinted in this format in 2009.
A compelling autobiographical story about Tony's experiences during WWII.
Having met Joyce, the girl of his dreams, Tony was sent off for a second mission. Tony was a wireless operator/airgunner in a Vickers Wellington Bomber when he was shot down over Germany .....

Famous Airplanes of the World 2

'Famous Airplanes of the World 2' ASIAN magazine dated February 1975
Spitfire Mk 1-14

Fighter Boys, Saving Britain 1940

'Fighter Boys, Saving Britain 1940' by Patrick Bishop, published by Harper Perenial.
This is a superb history that reaches beyond the myths to convey with unprecedented force what it was to be a fighter pilot in war, peace and love.

Fleet Air Arm

'Fleet Air Arm', The Admiralty Account of Naval Air Operations

Frederick Henry Royce

'Frederick Henry Royce - An Outline of h is Engineering Achievement' by G. Geoffrey Smith.
This is the story of Royce's contributions to engineering progress is told here in outloine by a writer who has been prominently associated with motoring and aviation for many years.

French Ministere de la Guerre

French 'Ministere de la Guerre Aeronautique Militaire, Notice Technique de L'Avion Breguet 19 A2 B2' dated September 1925. With black and white plate photos.
Written in French.
Loose binding.

From Blackburn to British Aerospace 1909-1985 - OUT OF STOCK

'From Blackburn to British Aerospace 1909-1985' published by British Aerospace PLC, Weybridge Division, Brough, North Humberside.
This book is divided into 2 parts:
Part 1 - Blackburn Story 1909-1959
Part 2 - The Next Twenty Five Years 1960-1985
This book was produced for sale as a souvenir booklet on the occassion of the 50th Anniversary of Robert Blackburn's entry into aviation.

German VDM Bedienungs und Wartungs

Written in German VDM spinner manual for German fighters such as the Me 109e.
Book dated 1938

German VDM Prufvorschrift fur Verstellgetriebe

Written in German WWII VDM manual that deals with the pitch control mechanism fitted to aircraft such as the Messerschmitt 109e.
Dated 1941.
Photographs and diagrams.
Loose binding but complete

Gravesend Airport 1939-1945

Gravesend Airport 1939-1945 by Frank R. Turner.
Gravesend at War Series No. 6
Written and published by Frank R. Turner one of a wonderful series of booklets that provides a close and detailed account of life and times at Gravesend Airport and its role during the war.

Great Aircraft of the World

Great Aircraft of the World, An illustrated history of the most famous civil military planes, complete with technical specifications.
Published by Colour Library Books Limited, Godalming Business Centre, Catteshall Lane, Godalming,
Surrey CU7 1XW.
This is essential reading for any aircraft enthusiasts, aviation historians, plane spotters and model buliders. The superb photographs and illustrations will fascinate anyone with an interest in aircraft.

Heinkel He 162

'Heinkel He 162'
X Planes of the Third Reich Series
An illustrated Series on Germany's Experimental Aircraft of WWII
Written by David Myhra, published by Schiffer Military History, Atglen, PA
'This New Series features the unusual and seldom scene aircraft of the Third Reich with over 200 images, including three-view drawings, a comprise this one of a knid photo album on the He 162. Included are photos of the He 162 in wartime service with JG 1, and the later surrender of at least thirty-one flight ready He 162's to British ground forces at Lech on 8 May 1945. Subsequent test flights of the He 162s in post war England, USSR, South Wales, Australia and the USA are also covered. No other aviation publication has ever assembled this large a quantity of images of the He 162 in a single volume.

Heinkel He 162 Volksjager

Heinkel He 162 Volksjager'
Written in GERMAN by Verlag Dr Alfred Hiller, Wien.

Handbook of Electrical Apparatus on Aircraft 1918

Handbook of Electrical Apparatus on Aircraft, October 1918
Published by Ministry of Munitions - Technical Department - Aircraft Production H.626
This Handbook includes notes on the Turner R.A.F. Target Control System.
For use of Members of the Royal Air Force
Extremely rare description of Electrical equipment fitted to WWI aircraft. Many illustrations including photo-plates

Hawker P.1067

Original Factory leaflet for a Hawker Hunter P.1067
Reprinted from 'Flight' 5 October, 1951

'Ideal' Loose-Leaf Lecture Note Book

Lt. E.W.C. Arnell, RAF Class 3 (Pilot)
'Ideal' Loose-Leaf Note Book with Lt Arnell's original hand-written notes, drawings and diagrams.

AVRO Instruction Book for the AVRO 'Trainer' Type 621

'AVRO Instrustion Book for the 'Trainer' Type 621 with notes on rigging, maintenance and repair'
First edition February, 1931
Copyright Reserved
Published by A.V. Roe & Co., Ltd, 166 Piccadilly, London W1
In excellent condition.

Isaacs Spitfire Plans - SOLD OUT

These were produced by the late John Isaacs (he also designed a miniature Hawker Fury), and a number around the world are believed to have been made from these. They are unused, complete, in good condition and were bought from him about 10 years ago.


Jack Bruce pages

A large number of original pagees from 'Flight' magazines 192-1916 with emphasis on aircraft types under heading such as 'German', 'French', 'American', 'Hydroplanes' etc. From the late Jack Bruce Archive.

Jaguar Series IV Aero Engine

'Jaguar Series IV Aero Engine' Air Publication 1139. Second Edition, May 1928
'This descriptive handbook on the Jaguar Series IV Aero Engine is issued for the informaiton and guidance of all concerend. The Supercharger Unit frequently fitted to this engine is described in detail in A.P. 1346.
By Command of the Air Council.
Signature on book cover is W. ?. Nicholson
Air Minstry, issued November, 1928
Good condition generally complete but edges rubbed.

Jaguar Mark IV. C Aero Engine

Jaguar Series IV.C Aero Engine' Air Publication 1139. Third Edition, April 1930
(With Appendices on the Mark IV.A, Mark IV*, Mark IV adn Mark III.A engines)
'This descriptive handbook on the Jaguar Series IV Aero Engine is issued for the informaitona nd guidance of all concerend.
By Command of the Air Council.
Signature on book cover is W. ?. Nicholson
Air Minstry, issued November, 1930
Complete and in good order.

J.A.P. The End of an Era

J.A.P. The End of an Era by Jeff Clew.
J.A.P. (John Alfred Prestwich) was an innovator and pioneer in the very best senses of the words.
J.A.P. The End of an Era begins in 1926 when J.A.P.'s position as the foremonst proprietorary engine supplier remains unchallenged, and the sucess in private hands of their engines in competition continues unabated.
The text has been verified by Teddy and Douglas Prestwich.
There is a unique contribution made by Wal Phillips who pioneered the early speedway engine at Stamford Bridge.
A rare and valuable book.

J.A.P.The Vintage Years

J.A.P. The Vintage Years by Jeff Clew
J.A.P. (John Alfred Prestwich) was an innovator and poineer in the very best senses of the words.
This book chronicles the success of the man and the company and products that bore his name, from the earliest days to their heyday int he mid-twenties. The book is illustrated with many rare early photographs hitherto unpublished.
This is undoubtedly a very rare and valuable book

Jaguar Mark IV.C Aero Engine A.P 1139

Jaguar Mark IV.C Aero Engine
(With Appendices on the Mark IV.A, Mark IV* and Mark III.A engines)

This descriptive handbook on Jaguar Aero Engines is issued for the information and guidance of all concerned.

Air Publication 1139. 3rd Edition. April, 1930

Jaguar Series IV. Aero Engine A.P 1139

This descriptive handbook on the Jaguar Series IV. Aero Engine is issued for the information and guidance of all concerned.
AP. 1139. 2nd Edition, May 1928.

Marlborough His Life and Times - Book 2

Originally published by George G Harrap & Co Ltd in 1936 and this version in 1947, 'Marlborough His Life and Times Book 2' written by WInston S Churchill begins with The Whig Approach 1705 - At Blenheim Palace 1716-1722.
This book includes Volumes 3 and 4 with facsimilies of documents, letters, maps and plans as well as a number of illustrations.
Similar to Book 1 this book is in remarkable condition with very minor signs of wear and tear.

Mosquito Wooden Wonder - OUT OF STOCK

'Mosquito Wooden Wonder' by Edward Bishop. The Pan/Ballantine Illustrated History of WWII
Editor-in-Chief and introduction, Barrie Pitt.
'De Havilland climbed to 15,000 feet and flew for forty-five minutes, checking aileron and engine control. Then he made a perfect landing and taxied towards his father. Test pilot and engineer droped smilingly out of the belly hatch, the first of countless Mosquyito crews who throughout the was were to bless the little wooden aeroplane for a safe return.'

Night Fighters A Development & Combat History

'Night Fighers A Development & Combat History' by Bill Gunston and forward by John Cunningham. Published by Patrick Stephens Limited.
This is a thrilling story of night fighter development from WWI to the present day.
Beginning with the handful of courageous pilots who pioneered night flying techniques in their 'stick and string' biplanes during 1914-1918, it goes on to relate the development of airborne radar in various countries before, during and after WWII.

Notes on Works Visit

'Notes of Works Visit' is an interesting and original record take from a visit to Fairey Aviation in the early 1930's illustrated with original copies of pages from an Air Publication of the time. Covers the Fairey IIIF and Firefly (with RR Kestrel engine). Bound in Fairey Factory embossed folder with 23 pages.

Pictorial History of The RAF, Volume Three 1945-1969

'Pictorial History of The RAF, Volume Three 1945-1969 by John W.R. Taylor and Philip J.R. Moyes. Published by Ian Allan.
In this volume, John Taylor and Philip Moyes bring the history of the Royal Air Force right up to date. At the end of WWII, the RAF had been an immensely powerful service but, as in 1919, as soon as the fighting was over it was allowed to run down.
Read about what happens next and how the RAF develops.

Picture Post Magazines

1940 Picture Post Magazines
Five copies, August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31
Vol 7 nos.5, 6, 7, 8 and 9
Excellent original set of Picture Post magazines capturing moments in British history for the month of August 1940.
These are a must have for anyone who is interested in really understanding this period in time.

Planemakers 2 Special Edition for Westland

This book 'Planemakers:2 Special Edition Produced for Westland' is written and signed by the author David Mondey and published in 1982 by Jane's Publishing Company.
It tells the story of 'Westland' and includes numerous photographs with details on all aspects of each of the aircraft.
Good condition

Portal of Hungerford - OUT OF STOCK

'Portal of Hungerford' by Denis Richards, published by Heinemann, London.
This is a biography of The Life of Marshal of the Royal Air Force Viscount Portal of Hungerford KG, GCB, OM, DSO and MC.
'On the expiry of his term as Chief of the Air Staff .... Air Marshal Newall was succeeded by Air Marshal Portal, who was the accepted star of the Air Force.' Winston Churchill: The Second World War, Vol II.

Provisional PIltot's Notes for Tempest II Centaurus V Enginge

'Provisional Pilot's Notes for Tempest II Centaurus V Engine' is an original 2nd edition Promulgated by order of the Air Council.
'Air Ministry October, 1945, 2nd Edition (Supercedes edition dated July, 1945.'
'Air Publication 2458B-P.P.N. Provisional Pilot's Notes. To be destroyed when superceded by A.P.2458B - P.N. Piltot's Notes.'
Very good condition and very rare.

Royal Air Force - The Aircraft in Service since 1918

'Royal Air Force - The Aircraft in Services since 1918' text by Chaz Bowyer, paintings by Michael Turner and foreward by Raymond Baxter.
Published by Hamlyn
'Together the artistry of Michael Turner and the many accounts of RAF personnel of past and present make this a unique and fascinating record of the development of the Royal Air Force, of interest to air historians, members of the RAF and laymen alike'.

RAF Hunter Aerobatic Team

1959 Brochure of Famous III Squadron Blackhunters Aerobatic Team.
With information about all the Pilots of No. 111 Squardron;

RFC Tender Leyland Type S4 Instructional posters

Royal Flying Corps RFC Tender, Leyland Type S4 Instructional posters. These brightly covered posters number 12 in all plus one duplicate, are dated 1916 and 1917 and are extremely rare originals. Approx. 27" x 40" each, they are printed on thick cartridge paper and are in a remarkable state of perservation. For image of all the diagrams please enquire. All are the mechanical components are of this truck £1,500 for the lot.

Royal Flying Corps R.F.C. interest scrap book

This original period scrap book was collated during the 1st World War, and consists of cuttings about aircraft, the pilots and some technical detail. 34 pages plus extra cuttings.

The size is 26 x 31 x 11mm

Selection of Thoroughbred & Classic Cars Magazines

Fabulour selection of 'Thoroughbred & Classic Cars' magazines from the 1980 and 1981.
Including an MG Special edition, Convertibles: Fresh Air & Fun, Free Directory of Body Care, Coventry Museum Special and Extra 'Morgan' Special.

Sioux A H Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards Copy 2.

Sioux A H Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards, Normal Drills.
Issue 3 February, 1973 (AL3 June 1976)
Prepared by
Procurement Executive Minstry of Defence, in collaboration with RAF Handling Squadron by Command of the Defence Council.

Spitfire at War

'Spitfire at War' by Alfred Price F.R. HisT.S
Foreward by Wing Commander R.R. Stanford-Tuck, DSO DFC
Published by Ian Allan Ltd
'In this book, for the first time ever, Alfred Price ahs made an objective analysis of the Spitfire legend. The result is a unique account which casts new light not only only on the Spitfire, but also on the nature of air combat during WWII'.

Sunbeam-Coatalen Aircraft Engines Manual

Original Sunbeam-Coatalen aircraft engines manual concerning the care and use of 8 & 12 cylinder variants. Issued by The Sunbeam Motor Car Co. Ltd and states "Copyright Cover 1916" & "Copy No.29" on the cover. Produced by The Press of Steens Limited, Old Grammed School Works, Wolverhampton.

Extract: "The sole object of this manual is to enable those who maintain them to understand the differences between one engine and another according to the period of production of the individual unit; also to grasp the reasons for the various developments introduced with the lapse of time and each in the light of experience in service"

This maual is full of infomation, tables and diagrams.

Number of pages: 142
Dimensions: 137mm x 207mm x 15mm
Condition: Very good to excellent, Slight rubbing on covers.

The Battle of Britain Aug-Oct 1940

The Battle of Britain - An Air Ministry Account of the Great Days from 8th August - 31st October, 1940, published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London.
Foreward by 'The Prime Minister'.
Signed by A. R. Bovington, 238 (Fighter) Squadron 1940. The signature could also read C. R. Bovington

The History of Soviet Aircraft From 1918

'The History of Soviet Aircraaft from 1918' by Vaclav Nemecek.
Czechoslavakian historian Vaclav Nemecek's lifetime study charts events from the early revival through to the emergence of today's awesome military air power and its rich variety of civil aviation.
Nemecek's work was originally published in Czechoslovakia in 1969, followed by a German edition in 1974.

The Israeli Air Force Story

'The Israeli Air Force Story' by Murray Rubinstein and Richard Goldman. Published by Arms and Armour Press.
This story begins with the formation of the underground Sherut Avir (Air Service) in 1947, and moves apace through four major wars and numerous crises to the present time.
It provides the reader with the dramatic story of how the Israeli Air Force rose form being an untrained fighting force equipped with a motley colleciton of aeroplanes to what is now generally considered to be the most experienced, combat-ready and formidable air force in the world.

The Magic of a Name

The Magic of a Name by Harold Nockolds with illustrations from paintings by Roy Nockolds.
Published by G.T. Foulis & Co Ltd., 1-5 Portpool Lane, London EC1.
Beautiful book in mint condition.

The Role of the Fighter in Air Warfare

'The Role of the Fighter in Air Warfare' by James J. Halley. Published by Barrie and Jenkins Ltd.
With 150 photographs and 16 pages of colour plates this is a wonderful book.
'In the space of 60 yeras, the role of the fighter in air warfare has advanced to the stage were it no longer the relatively straightforward matter of military demand and supplies. Today the fighter has become the front-line tool of geopolitics.'
Cover shows signs of wear and tear.

The WAAF in Action

Published by Adam & Charles Black, 4, 5 & 6 Soho Square, London W1 in 1944 and including 87 photographs this book was made possible by the Directorate of Public Relations at the Air Ministry.
A number of these photographs were specially taken by Flying Officer A. G. Goodchild.
This book provides a very unique pictoral insight to how the WAAF contributed to the war effort.
The book is in good condition with some signs of wear and tear but would still be an amazing addition to any collection.


AP 1186 Vol 1
Transmitters T.1154 A, B, C
Condition a little dilapadated

Transport Command Beverley

Royal Air Force Tranport Command Techincal Training Notes Beverley C.MK.1
An original manual with detailed plate techinical diagrams with original binding.
Loose front cover sheet.

Weapons Notes Bombs and Components

A.M. Pamphlet 281 (formerly issued as Weapons Notes B.8)
'Weapons Notes, Bombs and Components'
Issued by The Air Minstry, November, 1948. Restricted

Workshop Notes on the Condor Engines

Workshop Notes on the Condor Engines Series III.A, III.B and III.B HS.
Air Publication 1343 (Part II) 1st Edition, November 1930
This instructional handbook is issued for the infomraiton and guidance of all concerned, by Command of the Air Council

World Aircraft

'World Aircraft 1918-1935' by Enzo Angelucci and Paolo Matricardi. Published by Book Club Associates.
This book provides a comprehensive and well-documented history of early aviation. This second volume in the series, 1918-1935, includes 180 aeroplanes and dirigibles whitch were in service during the period; from the seaplane which began the first regular passenger service, Benoist XIV to the famous Douglas DC 3. Each entry is illustrated in full colour and there are also many additional diagrams, charts and maps.

World Aircraft - Fighters 1919-1939

'World Aircaft - Fighters 1919-1939' by Kenneth Munson and published by Blandford Press, London.
Effectively this is The Pocket Encyclopaedia of World Aircraft in Colour between the wars 1919-1939, including attack and training aircraft.
Illustrations by John W. Wood, Norman Dinnage, Brian Hiley, Willilam Hobson, Tony Mitchell and Jack Pelling.

WWI Stereoscopic Photographs - ON HOLD

WWI Trench Warfare Steroscopic Photographs.
A selection of 25 stereoscopic photographs (real photos) that tell in graphic details what trench war was all about and in stunning clarity.
A very rare and real glimpse at WWI life in the trenches.

Zur Geschichte des Luftverkehrs

Written in GERMAN by Herausgegeben von Dr. Ing. e.h. Otto Meyer, Augsburg with Botho und Hans von Romer, Munchen.
Limited edition 84 of 120.

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