6A/760 - Blind Flying Panel (Curved top) 6A/760 - Blind Flying Panel (Curved top)
We have a very limited number of complete Blind Flying sets, made up of new/old stock spare parts found at Methco/WA Parker. The 6A/616 is the Mk 1 or square top one and the 6A/760 Mk. 1a is the round top; sometimes the round top was made out of the square top in period or by the manufacturers and you may see the reference number replaced or over-stamped by the later reference number - this is a not unknown feature and should not be seen as a mistake. Check with us FIRST to ascertain if we have the panel you want in stock. These are probably the last of these complete sets that will ever appear. Price each is £1,950 each, with every part in the kit as originally specified. See also separate listing for the shock mount rubbers and Spitfire alloy supports.