US Air Force Star Identifier A-N Type 1 US Air Force Star Identifier A-N Type 1
Star identifier board marked with names of constellations, 2 sides - one for north, one for south. The clear plastic plates and white plastic template are contained within a leatherette case. From label with it: Published by the Hydrographic Office Washington in 1942 principally for the use of air navigators. It used the same principle as the original Rude Star Finder patented by Captain G.T. Rude. The instrument is a calculator, identical in principle with an astronomer's astrolabe. Two clear plates are provided for use in different latitudes: one is Latitude 15 degrees south and 15 degrees north whilst the other is marked 42 degrees north and 42 degrees south. We suspect there should be more, but are unsure how many. This rare item 240mm diameter and about 5mm thick, weight 178 Gms. Examples are in the collections of the Maritime Museum at Greenwich and in the Imperial War Museum. Year of manufacture unknown but it will be in the 2nd WW era.