1st  WW /  WW 2 Vickers MG tool chest *SOLD* 1st WW / WW 2 Vickers MG tool chest *SOLD*
A bit battered, and the two leather handles are broken, but I have here an extremely rare tool and spares chest for the classic Vickers 303 HMG of WW 1 and later. I do not know whether it is complete, but it is sold as viewed with all the contents as displayed. The box is in poor-ish condition, but it is nearly 100 years old. On the top is painted probably a unit or similar, but is indecipherable. On the lid inside is a pasted contents label, which lists everything but it is in too small writing to photograph or read with my tired and ancient eyes. Sold as a collector’s or museum item only and not for practical use. Size of box 15" wide 9" deep and 7 ½" high.