Luftwaffe Double Barrelled 25 mm Flare Pistol (deactivated) - ON HOLD Luftwaffe Double Barrelled 25 mm Flare Pistol (deactivated) - ON HOLD
This extremely rare aluminium flare pistol is well stamped with the type Ln 24483, German Waffenfabrik stamps, plus acceptance & inspection stamps plus the serial number 1378, dated 1942. It is marked ‘gpt’ but we are not sure what this means - could be a maker? 95% of original external finish and is one of the best we have seen for years at a very competitive price The Bakelite grips are near perfect and externally there are no signs of the deactivation. The barrel opens as normal, though of course it cannot chamber a cartridge nor can it be fired. Comes complete with original British deactivation certificate, but this item can only be sent to a UK address or it must be collected in person from us.

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