RFC RNAS 1st World War Mk. VB Altimeter RFC RNAS 1st World War Mk. VB Altimeter
This is fully overhauled and will be check calibrated before dispatch. It is a non-sensitive British altimeter of the type fitted to all RFC and RNAS military aircraft during the 1914-1918 conflict and indeed afterwards, up to the mid 1930s. We have thoroughly overhauled this instrument and it is in perfect working condition. The dial is rotated and set on zero on take off and it is then hoped than there is little pressure change at the end of the sortie, allowing a fair judgement of the lie of the land and more importantly the home airfield. This example was made by Short and Mason, who made instruments of the highest quality. These altimeters are extremely hard to find today. The pictured example may be a different make or Mk. to the actual model we will be shipping you, but will be identical in all other respects unless we advise you to the contrary. You will be shown a photo of the actual instrument before buying.