Yak-7 project Yak-7 project
This consists of a mainly complete cockpit section, some tail parts, and a very good engine bay complete with cowlings and propeller. The aircraft force landed on ice during the war, and sunk into a fresh water lake. In amazing condition considering the immersion, it looks as if the magnesium wheels acted as a sacrificial anode protecting to a considerable extent the rest of the aircraft. The Klimov engine looks in very good condition, and having no magnesium castings, seems to have survived remarkably well, although we have not looked inside. The guns are restored and are deactivated. A survey at cost can be undertaken. The undercarriage and short stubs of wings are present, but no other wing parts are available. This would be ideal to restore and to incorporate into one of the replica Yak-3 to create an authentic wartimeYak-7 with an identity.