Heinkel He 162 Heinkel He 162
'Heinkel He 162'
X Planes of the Third Reich Series
An illustrated Series on Germany's Experimental Aircraft of WWII
Written by David Myhra, published by Schiffer Military History, Atglen, PA
'This New Series features the unusual and seldom scene aircraft of the Third Reich with over 200 images, including three-view drawings, a comprise this one of a knid photo album on the He 162. Included are photos of the He 162 in wartime service with JG 1, and the later surrender of at least thirty-one flight ready He 162's to British ground forces at Lech on 8 May 1945. Subsequent test flights of the He 162s in post war England, USSR, South Wales, Australia and the USA are also covered. No other aviation publication has ever assembled this large a quantity of images of the He 162 in a single volume.