German Luftwaffe single barrelled deactivated flare pistol -ON HOLD

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Single barrelled deactivated flare pistol

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25mm bore, serial number 5576n dated 1943, and makers name (?) ayf. Waffenfabrik and proof stamps are evident. The finish is worn, and it has evidence of plenty of service use, with scratches and the black anodising worn through. The Bakelite grips are in excellent condition. There is no external evidence of the deactivation. The guns breaks as normal, but obviously cannot chamber a cartridge. This item can only be delivered to a UK address and you can alternatively collect it in person from us.

Unless otherwise stated, guns advertised on this site are not yet deactivated to the latest EU specification, introduced as an ill-thought out directive from Brussels that we have no say or control over, despite this country having already one of the most robust deactivation specifications in Europe. Our guns will only be deactivated to this latest specification over a period of time or before the sale of each gun (at the purchasers cost).