MG 81 Aircraft machine gun (de-activated)

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MG 81 Luftwaffe 2nd WW aircraft gun

For all enquiries about these deactivated weapons, please email us.

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This is an extremely rare example of this specialist Luftwaffe 2nd WW aircraft gun. Normally these sell for in excess of £4-5,000 each but this example is missing the wooden grip and some of the belt feed mechanism. You can see the comparison with the complete example shown (this gun is currently not for sale). We can arrange to have a copy of the grip in walnut made, and maybe the other parts, copied from our pattern example, but at further cost. The pictures also show a typical installation in a German aircraft, but often they were twinned with another MG 81 as you can see in the photo. Please note that the only gun we are offering is the single one with the missing butt and the other pictures are for interest only.

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Unless otherwise stated, guns advertised on this site are not yet deactivated to the latest EU specification, introduced as an ill-thought out directive from Brussels that we have no say or control over, despite this country having already one of the most robust deactivation specifications in Europe. Our guns will only be deactivated to this latest specification over a period of time or before the sale of each gun (at the purchasers cost).

For all enquiries about these deactivated weapons, please email us.