5CX/5010 – Lamp, Landing, Type K, Mk2

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5CX/5010 – Lamp, Landing, Type K, Mk2

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5C/5010 - Lamp, Landing, Type K, Mk2, complete with 56D/6230

Supersedes 5CX/2052

5L/9956707 (possibly 5L/9956705) - Lamp, Filament, 26 Volt, 350 Watt
5UD/6230 - Retraction Unit
5CX/5121 - Rig, Mounting.  C/w blanking plate and fixing screws.  Supersedes 5CX/4072
5CX-2055 - Body, Inner, Complete
5CX/5223 - Body, Inner and Outer, Complete, modified, for Mk2 only.  Comprises 5CX/5010 without 5UD/6230
5CX/5224 - Body, outer, Complete, Modified
5CX/5132 - Flange, Retaining, Part of 5CX/5121
5CX/2058 - Front, Glass, with Gasket, Washer
5CX/5227 - Plate, Blanking, For Mk2 only. Part of 5CX/5121
5CX/5225 - Plate, Stiffening, L.H., For Mk2 only
5CX/5226 - Plate, Stiffening, R.H., For Mk2 only
5CX/2057 - Reflector, With Lampholder
5CX/5129 - Ring, Bezel, With Screws, Clamp
5CX/3469 - Ring Connector
5CX/5131 - Screw, Clamp
5CX/5220 - Stop, Buffer, In outer body
5CX/5130 - Washer, Gasket
5CX/3468 - Washer, Insulating

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Weight 3660 g
Dimensions 40 × 26 × 16 cm