Welcome to Aero Vintage Spares

Whether you are an aircraft or automobile enthusiast, a restoration company looking for original parts, an individual looking for spares or collector, we will no doubt have something here for you.

At Aero Vintage Spares we hold a huge stock of both original aircraft spare parts and high quality reproduction items made to original specification. As part of the Aero Vintage and Retrotec group of companies, we have acquired large quantities of original RAF electrical spares, military MOD parts, British AGS and American AN spares.

We stock ex-MOD electrical and instrument spare parts, military parts, MOD parts including cable and conduit assy (assembly) switches, lamps, fuses, ground lighting equipment and parts through to aircraft parts such as streamline tubing and wires.

We have a vast range of products and services to offer for Kestrel engines, Sopwith Pup and Camel aircraft parts, Hawker bi-plane parts, name plates, tubular rivets and aircraft materials including fabrics such as indian and egyptian cotton tapes, certified steel and aluminium bar, tube and sheet stock.

The Air Ministry went through some changes in the way electrical and other stores reference numbers were issued, for example, a magneto switch, 5C/1540 became 5CW/1540, so it may ease searching if you simply input just the number 1540 in the website search bar or magneto switch (it is not case sensitive) and the item will be displayed if we have it in stock.

We have tens of thousands of parts available in stock which we are continually adding to our website, so, if there is something you need and it’s not on the site, get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to help with your enquiry.

Please note, we do not supply a Certificate of Conformity with our stock. If one is required, we test the product prior to issuing the certificate for which there is a charge. Please contact us for a quotation.